(14865) Running Train Status

Showing Live running train status of (14865) for 29th of August 2013. Currently is Destination Reached and there is No Delay when it arrived at (JU) at 05:50 PM

Station Scheduled Arrival Time Scheduled Departure Time Actual Time of Arrival Train Status Delay Time
Varanasi Jn (BSB) N/A 06:05 PM 29th, Aug at 06:15 PM Departed Varanasi Jn 10 Minutes Late
Bhadohi (BOY) 07:09 PM 07:11 PM 29th, Aug at 07:46 PM Departed Bhadohi 29 Minutes Late
Janghai Jn (JNH) 07:46 PM 07:48 PM 29th, Aug at 08:34 PM Departed Janghai Jn 44 Minutes Late
Partapgarh Jn (PBH) 08:35 PM 08:40 PM 29th, Aug at 09:19 PM Departed Partapgarh Jn 39 Minutes Late
Amethi (AME) 09:08 PM 09:10 PM 29th, Aug at 09:55 PM Departed Amethi 43 Minutes Late
Gauriganj (GNG) 09:24 PM 09:25 PM 29th, Aug at 10:14 PM Departed Gauriganj 48 Minutes Late
Rae Bareli Jn (RBL) 10:15 PM 10:20 PM 29th, Aug at 10:55 PM Departed Rae Bareli Jn 35 Minutes Late
Lucknow (LKO) 12:05 AM 12:30 AM 30th, Aug at 12:45 AM Departed Lucknow 15 Minutes Late
Unnao Jn (ON) 01:20 AM 01:22 AM 30th, Aug at 01:36 AM Departed Unnao Jn 12 Minutes Late
Kanpur Central (CNB) 01:55 AM 02:00 AM 30th, Aug at 02:10 AM Departed Kanpur Central 10 Minutes Late
Etawah (ETW) 03:36 AM 03:38 AM 30th, Aug at 04:01 AM Departed Etawah 21 Minutes Late
Shikohabad Jn (SKB) 04:24 AM 04:26 AM 30th, Aug at 04:55 AM Departed Shikohabad Jn 27 Minutes Late
Tundla Jn (TDL) 05:23 AM 05:28 AM 30th, Aug at 05:28 AM Departed Tundla Jn No Delay
Agra Fort (AF) 06:10 AM 06:35 AM 30th, Aug at 07:00 AM Departed Agra Fort 25 Minutes Late
Idgah Agra Jn (IDH) 06:43 AM 06:45 AM 30th, Aug at 07:14 AM Departed Idgah Agra Jn 27 Minutes Late
Achhnera Jn (AH) 07:08 AM 07:10 AM 30th, Aug at 07:35 AM Departed Achhnera Jn 14 Minutes Late
Bharatpur Jn (BTE) 07:41 AM 07:43 AM 30th, Aug at 08:07 AM Departed Bharatpur Jn 24 Minutes Late
Nadbai (NBI) 08:12 AM 08:14 AM 30th, Aug at 09:15 AM Departed Nadbai 59 Minutes Late
Kherli (KL) 08:28 AM 08:30 AM 30th, Aug at 09:34 AM Departed Kherli 40 Minutes Late
Mandawar M Rd (MURD) 08:48 AM 08:50 AM 30th, Aug at 09:50 AM Departed Mandawar M Rd 38 Minutes Late
Bandikui Jn (BKI) 10:25 AM 10:30 AM 30th, Aug at 10:30 AM Departed Bandikui Jn No Delay
Dausa (DO) 10:50 AM 10:52 AM 30th, Aug at 10:54 AM Departed Dausa No Delay
Gandhinagar Jaipur (GADJ) 11:39 AM 11:41 AM 30th, Aug at 11:44 AM Departed Gandhinagar Jaipur No Delay
Jaipur (JP) 12:05 PM 12:20 PM 30th, Aug at 12:20 PM Departed Jaipur No Delay
Phulera Jn (FL) 01:23 PM 01:25 PM 30th, Aug at 01:25 PM Departed Phulera Jn No Delay
Sambhar Lake (SBR) 01:32 PM 01:34 PM 30th, Aug at 01:36 PM Departed Sambhar Lake No Delay
Nawa City (NAC) 01:56 PM 01:58 PM 30th, Aug at 02:04 PM Departed Nawa City 4 Minutes Late
Kuchaman City (KMNC) 02:12 PM 02:14 PM 30th, Aug at 02:22 PM Departed Kuchaman City 6 Minutes Late
Makrana Jn (MKN) 02:28 PM 02:30 PM 30th, Aug at 02:39 PM Departed Makrana Jn 6 Minutes Late
Degana Jn (DNA) 03:05 PM 03:08 PM 30th, Aug at 03:25 PM Departed Degana Jn 17 Minutes Late
Merta Road Jn (MTD) 03:42 PM 03:47 PM 30th, Aug at 04:10 PM Departed Merta Road Jn 23 Minutes Late
Gotan (GOTN) 04:10 PM 04:12 PM 30th, Aug at 04:28 PM Departed Gotan 14 Minutes Late
Jodhpur Jn (JU) 05:50 PM N/A 30th, Aug at 05:50 PM Arrived Jodhpur Jn No Delay
Station Scheduled Arrival Time Scheduled Departure Time Actual Time of Arrival Train Status Delay Time
Last Updated: At 05:50 PM on 30th of August, 2013