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Most Train Delay's on Station

Station Delay
YNRK (YNRK)04 Hours 33 Minutes
Sankrail Goods (SGTY)03 Hours 43 Minutes
Juturu (JUR)03 Hours 36 Minutes
KOMALI (KMQA)03 Hours 35 Minutes
Rayalcheruvu (RLO)03 Hours 01 Minute
Vanganur (VRN)02 Hours 58 Minutes
Regadipalli (RLL)02 Hours 50 Minutes
VEMULAPADU (VML)02 Hours 44 Minutes
Mangapatnam (MUM)02 Hours 39 Minutes
Sagarpali (SVI)02 Hours 37 Minutes
NEW GUWAHAI (NGC)02 Hours 33 Minutes
SAPAGRAM (SPX)02 Hours 32 Minutes
Rupbas (RBS)02 Hours 31 Minutes
Khada (KZA)02 Hours 30 Minutes
DAMALCHERUVU (DCU)02 Hours 30 Minutes
Gautamdhara (GATD)02 Hours 30 Minutes
Panapakam (PAM)02 Hours 29 Minutes
Patranga (PTH)02 Hours 29 Minutes
Adavali (ADVI)02 Hours 28 Minutes
KDAA (KDAA)02 Hours 27 Minutes
Baripura (BPRA)02 Hours 26 Minutes
Paniyahawa (PNYA)02 Hours 23 Minutes
Vilayat Kalan Road (VYK)02 Hours 23 Minutes
Lorha (LOA)02 Hours 22 Minutes
Kalamalla (KMH)02 Hours 22 Minutes
Rajapur Road (RAJP)02 Hours 21 Minutes
Yerragudipad (YGD)02 Hours 20 Minutes
Baitalpur (BALR)02 Hours 19 Minutes
NYDO (NYDO)02 Hours 18 Minutes
DHING (DIU)02 Hours 17 Minutes
MAIRABARI (MBO)02 Hours 17 Minutes
Unaula (UNLA)02 Hours 17 Minutes
Chandia Road (CHD)02 Hours 17 Minutes
Auwa (AUWA)02 Hours 16 Minutes
Nagbhir (NAB)02 Hours 15 Minutes
Vaibhavwadi Road (VBW)02 Hours 14 Minutes
Vilavade (VID)02 Hours 14 Minutes
Talbahat (TBT)02 Hours 11 Minutes
Swami Narayan Chhapia (SNC)02 Hours 11 Minutes
Rajkiawas (RKZ)02 Hours 10 Minutes
General questions
Train Running History is past running records of a perticular train, which could be used by the Indian Railways passengers to judge the performance of a train between any given set of days.
The train running history could be used to decide the train you are planning to travel for your journey. For Example: If you are planning to travel between New Delhi to Patna Jn. in winters, you may use the train running history by entering the train number and select the winter season dates for last year and with this you may know the performance of any perticular train for the winter, and in the same way you can repeat this for other trains between your stations and select the best performing train.