Popular Live Running Trains

Train Start Date Location Delay
01427 PUNE-BGP SPL 12 April, 2021 Sohagpur 06 Mins
04074 Ndls-bsb Spl 11 April, 2021 Muktapur 56 Mins
02371 HWH-BKN SF WEEKLY SPL 12 April, 2021 Pirthiganj On Time
03694 DDU-DOS MEMU SPECIAL 12 April, 2021 Dehri-on-son 01 Hr 34 Mins
01149 Bsl-pvr- Ashadi Fair Special 12 April, 2021 Itarsi On Time
02420 GOMTI EXPRESS 12 April, 2021 Jaitipur 07 Mins
02926 PASCHIM EXPRESS 12 April, 2021 Kela Devi 33 Mins
03554 BSB-ASN MEMU PGR SPL 12 April, 2021 Chhota Ambona 02 Mins
02550 Kyq Festival Special 12 April, 2021 Ahraura Road 03 Hrs 00 Min
07520 Khnp-pvr 12 April, 2021 Old Malda 01 Hr 03 Mins
05136 ARJ-CPR EXP SPL 12 April, 2021 Suraimanpur 01 Hr 01 Min
02933 KARNAVATI EXP 12 April, 2021 Nadiad 01 Hr 06 Mins
02791 Sc Dnr Special 12 April, 2021 Akola 03 Hrs 39 Mins
01097 Muv Teachers Sp 12 April, 2021 Sohagpur 04 Mins
03122 Gct Koaa Exp Special 12 April, 2021 Khusropur 16 Mins
05128 NDLS -MUV PUJA SPL 12 April, 2021 Kakori 26 Mins
02421 Ned Dsj Special 10 April, 2021 Jammu Tawi On Time
07325 Ubl-sta-weekly Exp Special 12 April, 2021 Mysore On Time
03281 PRNC-PNBE SPL 12 April, 2021 New Guwahai 03 Hrs 12 Mins
09421 Ahmedabad - Allahabad Pre Special 11 April, 2021 Naini 51 Mins
05265 DBG-PPTA MEMU PASS. SPL 12 April, 2021 Bhagwanpur 01 Hr 31 Mins
04435 Aligarh - Ghaziabad Emu Special 12 April, 2021 Partapur 07 Mins
02193 Ten-jbp Sf Special 12 April, 2021 Panhai On Time
02925 PASCHIM EXPRESS 12 April, 2021 Thandla Road 17 Mins
02194 Jbp-ten Sf Special 12 April, 2021 Kareli 14 Mins
08478 YNRK-PURI SPECIAL 12 April, 2021 Lalitpur 09 Mins
05013 RANIKHET EXP [SPECIAL] 12 April, 2021 Delhi-sarai Rohilla 15 Mins
05909 Dbrg Mzs Special 12 April, 2021 Dharamtul 01 Hr 29 Mins
General questions
Live Train Running Status is a system created for Indian Railways Passengers using which one can Check the IRCTC Train Status Live / Train Running time Status in Real Time. Running Status offers the fastest way to check the Live Train Status and spot your train for all Indian Railways Trains, On RunningStatus.IN you can get all the details train status live, platform number on which the train is arriving, expected time of arrival, expected time of departure, next upcoming station, current location of the train and all intermediate station information.
Which checking the Live Train Running Status for your Train you must select the date on which your Train is departed from its source station. For example: If your Train reaches to your station on the third day from the date it is departed from its source station, then you must select the date on which it was departed from its source station.
When a train Departs from its source stations it provide updates of its departure from source and all arriving and departing stations via GPS system which now every train is equiped with, because of which we get to know the details like the current train location, speed of the train, current delay of the train and other available information.
As when the train is about to arrive to a station the platform number is decided by the station master based on the previous arrival of the train and current traffic of trains on the station which were running late and arrived late at the stations and sometime its not updated in the railway system because of which we do not get to see the platform number while checking the live train running status. Also this is only applicable for major Junction stations as of now because the system to update the real time platform is not available to smaller stations.