(12801) Running Train Status

Showing Live running train status of (12801) for 30th of July 2013. Currently is Destination Reached and there is No Delay when it arrived at (NDLS) at 04:38 AM

Station Scheduled Arrival Time Scheduled Departure Time Actual Time of Arrival Train Status Delay Time
Puri (PURI) N/A 09:45 PM 30th, Jul at 09:45 PM Departed Puri No Delay
Khurda Road Jn (KUR) 10:45 PM 10:50 PM 30th, Jul at 10:50 PM Departed Khurda Road Jn No Delay
Bhubaneswar (BBS) 11:15 PM 11:20 PM 30th, Jul at 11:22 PM Departed Bhubaneswar 2 Minutes Late
Cuttack (CTC) 11:45 PM 11:50 PM 31st, Jul at 12:12 AM Departed Cuttack 22 Minutes Late
Jajpur Keonjhar Road (JJKR) 12:34 AM 12:36 AM Not yet reached Jajpur Keonjhar Road (JJKR) Estimated time of Arrival is 05:30 AM
Bhadrakh (BHC) 01:43 AM 01:45 AM 31st, Jul at 01:45 AM Departed Bhadrakh No Delay
Balasore (BLS) 02:30 AM 02:35 AM 31st, Jul at 02:38 AM Departed Balasore 3 Minutes Late
Kharagpur Jn (KGP) 04:15 AM 04:40 AM 31st, Jul at 04:40 AM Departed Kharagpur Jn No Delay
Tatanagar Jn (TATA) 06:35 AM 06:45 AM 31st, Jul at 06:45 AM Departed Tatanagar Jn No Delay
Purulia Jn (PRR) 08:23 AM 08:25 AM 31st, Jul at 08:28 AM Departed Purulia Jn 3 Minutes Late
Bokaro Steel City (BKSC) 09:30 AM 09:35 AM 31st, Jul at 09:35 AM Departed Bokaro Steel City No Delay
Chandrapura (CRP) 10:26 AM 10:28 AM 31st, Jul at 10:30 AM Departed Chandrapura No Delay
Gomoh Jn (GMO) 10:50 AM 11:00 AM 31st, Jul at 11:10 AM Departed Gomoh Jn 10 Minutes Late
Parasnath (PNME) 11:16 AM 11:21 AM 31st, Jul at 11:32 AM Departed Parasnath 11 Minutes Late
Hazaribagh Road (HZD) 11:40 AM 11:42 AM 31st, Jul at 11:54 AM Departed Hazaribagh Road 10 Minutes Late
Koderma (KQR) 12:17 PM 12:22 PM 31st, Jul at 12:27 PM Departed Koderma 5 Minutes Late
Paharpur (PRP) 01:01 PM 01:03 PM 31st, Jul at 01:13 PM Departed Paharpur 8 Minutes Late
Gaya Jn (GAYA) 02:00 PM 02:05 PM 31st, Jul at 02:05 PM Departed Gaya Jn No Delay
Anugraha Narayan Road (AUBR) 02:52 PM 02:54 PM 31st, Jul at 03:04 PM Departed Anugraha Narayan Road 8 Minutes Late
Dehri On Sone (DOS) 03:12 PM 03:14 PM 31st, Jul at 03:38 PM Departed Dehri On Sone 24 Minutes Late
Sasaram (SSM) 03:26 PM 03:28 PM 31st, Jul at 03:54 PM Departed Sasaram 24 Minutes Late
Bhabua Road (BBU) 03:59 PM 04:01 PM 31st, Jul at 04:25 PM Departed Bhabua Road 22 Minutes Late
Mughal Sarai Jn (MGS) 05:10 PM 05:25 PM 31st, Jul at 05:25 PM Departed Mughal Sarai Jn No Delay
Mirzapur (MZP) 06:18 PM 06:20 PM 31st, Jul at 06:28 PM Departed Mirzapur 6 Minutes Late
Allahabad Jn (ALD) 07:35 PM 07:45 PM 31st, Jul at 07:54 PM Departed Allahabad Jn 9 Minutes Late
Fatehpur (FTP) 08:58 PM 09:00 PM 31st, Jul at 09:20 PM Departed Fatehpur 18 Minutes Late
Kanpur Central (CNB) 10:15 PM 10:20 PM 31st, Jul at 10:28 PM Departed Kanpur Central 8 Minutes Late
Ghaziabad (GZB) 04:03 AM 04:05 AM 01st, Aug at 04:05 AM Departed Ghaziabad No Delay
New Delhi (NDLS) 04:50 AM N/A 01st, Aug at 04:38 AM Arrived New Delhi 12 Minutes Before
Station Scheduled Arrival Time Scheduled Departure Time Actual Time of Arrival Train Status Delay Time
Last Updated: At 04:38 AM on 01st of August, 2013