(18310) Running Train Status

Showing Live running train status of (18310) for 31st of August 2013. Currently is Destination Reached and there is No Delay when it arrived at (SBP) at 07:43 PM

Station Scheduled Arrival Time Scheduled Departure Time Actual Time of Arrival Train Status Delay Time
Huzur Sahib Nanded (NED) N/A 04:15 PM 31st, Aug at 04:15 PM Departed Huzur Sahib Nanded No Delay
Mudkhed (MUE) 04:43 PM 04:45 PM 31st, Aug at 04:53 PM Departed Mudkhed 3 Minutes Late
Basar (BSX) 05:50 PM 05:51 PM 31st, Aug at 06:04 PM Departed Basar 7 Minutes Late
Nizamabad (NZB) 06:10 PM 06:15 PM 31st, Aug at 06:50 PM Departed Nizamabad 22 Minutes Late
Kamareddi (KMC) 06:54 PM 06:55 PM 31st, Aug at 07:32 PM Departed Kamareddi 19 Minutes Late
Secunderabad Jn (SC) 09:10 PM 09:30 PM 31st, Aug at 09:45 PM Departed Secunderabad Jn 15 Minutes Late
Kazipet Jn (KZJ) 11:35 PM 11:37 PM 01st, Sep at 12:02 AM Departed Kazipet Jn 15 Minutes Late
Vijayawada Jn (BZA) 03:35 AM 03:55 AM 01st, Sep at 04:05 AM Departed Vijayawada Jn 10 Minutes Late
Eluru (EE) 04:41 AM 04:42 AM 01st, Sep at 05:28 AM Departed Eluru 44 Minutes Late
Rajamundry (RJY) 06:15 AM 06:17 AM 01st, Sep at 07:02 AM Departed Rajamundry 45 Minutes Late
Vishakapatnam (VSKP) 10:15 AM 10:45 AM 01st, Sep at 10:45 AM Departed Vishakapatnam No Delay
Vizianagram Jn (VZM) 11:45 AM 11:47 AM 01st, Sep at 11:55 AM Departed Vizianagram Jn 8 Minutes Late
Bobbili (VBL) 12:30 PM 12:32 PM 01st, Sep at 12:44 PM Departed Bobbili 12 Minutes Late
Parvatipuram Tn (PVPT) 12:55 PM 12:57 PM Not yet reached Parvatipuram Tn (PVPT) Estimated time of Arrival is 05:30 AM
Rayagada (RGDA) 01:45 PM 01:50 PM 01st, Sep at 01:57 PM Departed Rayagada 7 Minutes Late
Muniguda (MNGD) 02:50 PM 02:52 PM 01st, Sep at 02:52 PM Departed Muniguda No Delay
Kesinga (KSNG) 03:55 PM 03:57 PM 01st, Sep at 04:00 PM Departed Kesinga 3 Minutes Late
Titlagarh (TIG) 04:20 PM 04:30 PM 01st, Sep at 04:30 PM Departed Titlagarh No Delay
Balangir (BLGR) 05:25 PM 05:30 PM 01st, Sep at 05:30 PM Departed Balangir No Delay
Bargarh Road (BRGA) 06:25 PM 06:27 PM 01st, Sep at 06:52 PM Departed Bargarh Road 12 Minutes Late
Sambalpur (SBP) 08:00 PM N/A 01st, Sep at 07:43 PM Arrived Sambalpur 17 Minutes Before
Station Scheduled Arrival Time Scheduled Departure Time Actual Time of Arrival Train Status Delay Time
Last Updated: At 07:43 PM on 01st of September, 2013