(13236) Running Train Status

Showing Live running train status of (13236) for 29th of August 2013. Currently is Destination Reached and there is No Delay when it arrived at (SBG) at 01:20 PM

Station Scheduled Arrival Time Scheduled Departure Time Actual Time of Arrival Train Status Delay Time
Danapur (DNR) N/A 05:05 AM 29th, Aug at 05:05 AM Departed Danapur No Delay
Patna Jn (PNBE) 05:20 AM 05:30 AM Not yet reached Patna Jn (PNBE) Estimated time of Arrival is 05:30 AM
Rajendra Nagar Bihar (RJPB) 05:37 AM 05:39 AM 29th, Aug at 05:44 AM Departed Rajendra Nagar Bihar 5 Minutes Late
Patna Saheb (PNC) 05:48 AM 05:50 AM 29th, Aug at 06:12 AM Departed Patna Saheb 20 Minutes Late
Fatwa (FUT) 06:02 AM 06:04 AM 29th, Aug at 06:45 AM Departed Fatwa 26 Minutes Late
Khusropur (KOO) 06:12 AM 06:14 AM 29th, Aug at 06:56 AM Departed Khusropur 28 Minutes Late
Karauta (KWO) 06:20 AM 06:22 AM 29th, Aug at 07:05 AM Departed Karauta 6 Minutes Before
Bakhtiyarpur Jn (BKP) 06:32 AM 06:34 AM 29th, Aug at 07:18 AM Departed Bakhtiyarpur Jn 3 Minutes Before
Athmal Gola (ATL) 06:39 AM 06:41 AM 29th, Aug at 07:26 AM Departed Athmal Gola 4 Minutes Before
Barh (BARH) 07:36 AM 07:38 AM 29th, Aug at 07:38 AM Departed Barh 2 Minutes Before
Mokameh Jn (MKA) 07:59 AM 08:01 AM 29th, Aug at 08:01 AM Departed Mokameh Jn No Delay
Hathidah Jn (HTZ) 08:08 AM 08:10 AM 29th, Aug at 08:10 AM Departed Hathidah Jn 2 Minutes Before
Barhiya (BRYA) 08:19 AM 08:21 AM 29th, Aug at 08:21 AM Departed Barhiya 2 Minutes Before
Dumri Halt (DMRX) 08:26 AM 08:28 AM Not yet reached Dumri Halt (DMRX) Estimated time of Arrival is 05:30 AM
Luckeesarai Jn (LKR) 08:40 AM 08:42 AM 29th, Aug at 08:42 AM Departed Luckeesarai Jn 2 Minutes Before
Kiul Jn (KIUL) 08:52 AM 08:57 AM 29th, Aug at 08:57 AM Departed Kiul Jn No Delay
Kajra (KJH) 09:14 AM 09:15 AM 29th, Aug at 09:17 AM Departed Kajra No Delay
Abhaipur (AHA) 09:25 AM 09:26 AM 29th, Aug at 09:28 AM Departed Abhaipur No Delay
Dharhara (DRH) 09:38 AM 09:39 AM 29th, Aug at 09:44 AM Departed Dharhara 3 Minutes Late
Jamalpur Jn (JMP) 09:56 AM 10:01 AM 29th, Aug at 10:02 AM Departed Jamalpur Jn 1 Minutes Late
Bariarpur (BUP) 10:13 AM 10:14 AM 29th, Aug at 10:22 AM Departed Bariarpur 6 Minutes Late
Sultanganj (SGG) 10:35 AM 10:36 AM 29th, Aug at 10:41 AM Departed Sultanganj 3 Minutes Late
Akbarnagar (AKN) 10:47 AM 10:48 AM 29th, Aug at 10:51 AM Departed Akbarnagar 1 Minutes Late
Bhagalpur (BGP) 11:07 AM 11:17 AM 29th, Aug at 11:35 AM Departed Bhagalpur 18 Minutes Late
Ghoga (GGA) 11:37 AM 11:38 AM 29th, Aug at 12:02 PM Departed Ghoga 22 Minutes Late
Ekchari (EKC) 11:46 AM 11:47 AM 29th, Aug at 12:16 PM Departed Ekchari 27 Minutes Late
Kahalgaon (CLG) 11:55 AM 11:56 AM Not yet reached Kahalgaon (CLG) Estimated time of Arrival is 05:30 AM
Pirpainti (PPT) 12:18 PM 12:19 PM Not yet reached Pirpainti (PPT) Estimated time of Arrival is 05:30 AM
Sahibganj Jn (SBG) 01:05 PM N/A 29th, Aug at 01:20 PM Arrived Sahibganj Jn 15 Minutes Late
Station Scheduled Arrival Time Scheduled Departure Time Actual Time of Arrival Train Status Delay Time
Last Updated: At 01:20 PM on 29th of August, 2013