Check Train Running History
Most Delay on Stations
  • NEW GUWAHAI24 Hrs 11 Mins

  • Joba05 Hrs 44 Mins

  • Shankarpur Bhadaura04 Hrs 32 Mins

  • Hafizpeta04 Hrs 13 Mins

  • Tenua Dumaria Halt03 Hrs 56 Mins

  • Maijapur03 Hrs 31 Mins

  • Kathola (Halt)03 Hrs 31 Mins

  • Jamsole03 Hrs 30 Mins

  • Sankrail Goods03 Hrs 25 Mins

  • Niwas Road03 Hrs 23 Mins

  • Bharsendi03 Hrs 20 Mins

  • Surasaraighat-Jhara03 Hrs 09 Mins

  • Gajara Bahara02 Hrs 53 Mins

  • Katoriya02 Hrs 39 Mins

  • Deoragram02 Hrs 33 Mins

  • Mudaria02 Hrs 28 Mins

  • Karjhausa02 Hrs 25 Mins

  • Khanna Banjari02 Hrs 24 Mins

  • Beohari02 Hrs 22 Mins

  • Vidyapatidham02 Hrs 22 Mins

  • Majhauli02 Hrs 22 Mins

General questions
Train Running History is past running records of a perticular train, which could be used by the Indian Railways passengers to judge the performance of a train between any given set of days.
The train running history could be used to decide the train you are planning to travel for your journey. For Example: If you are planning to travel between New Delhi to Patna Jn. in winters, you may use the train running history by entering the train number and select the winter season dates for last year and with this you may know the performance of any perticular train for the winter, and in the same way you can repeat this for other trains between your stations and select the best performing train.