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Lucknow - Manduadih Krishak Express/15008 Live Running Train Status

Lucknow - Manduadih Krishak Express (15008) Running Train Status

Showing Live running train status of Lucknow - Manduadih Krishak Express (15008) for 31st of July 2013. Currently Lucknow - Manduadih Krishak Express is Destination Reached and there is No Delay when it arrived at (MUV) at 01:05 PM

Station Scheduled Arrival Time Scheduled Departure Time Actual Time of Arrival Train Status Delay Time
Lucknow Jn (LJN) N/A 11:05 PM 31st, Jul at 11:05 PM Departed Lucknow Jn No Delay
Lucknow City (LC) 11:19 PM 11:21 PM 31st, Jul at 11:23 PM Departed Lucknow City No Delay
Badshahnagar (BNZ) 11:38 PM 11:40 PM 31st, Jul at 11:42 PM Departed Badshahnagar 2 Minutes Late
Barabanki Jn (BBK) 12:12 AM 12:14 AM 01st, Aug at 12:17 AM Departed Barabanki Jn 3 Minutes Late
Burhwal (BUW) 12:40 AM 12:42 AM 01st, Aug at 12:51 AM Departed Burhwal 9 Minutes Late
Jarwal Road (JLD) 01:02 AM 01:04 AM 01st, Aug at 01:27 AM Departed Jarwal Road 9 Minutes Late
Colonelganj (CLJ) 01:23 AM 01:25 AM 01st, Aug at 01:50 AM Departed Colonelganj 15 Minutes Late
Gonda Jn (GD) 02:10 AM 02:25 AM 01st, Aug at 02:35 AM Departed Gonda Jn 10 Minutes Late
Mankapur Jn (MUR) 02:48 AM 02:50 AM 01st, Aug at 03:06 AM Departed Mankapur Jn 16 Minutes Late
Maskanwa (MSW) 03:04 AM 03:06 AM 01st, Aug at 03:22 AM Departed Maskanwa 14 Minutes Late
Babhnan (BV) 03:16 AM 03:18 AM 01st, Aug at 03:41 AM Departed Babhnan 11 Minutes Late
Basti (BST) 04:20 AM 04:25 AM 01st, Aug at 04:25 AM Departed Basti No Delay
Khalilabad (KLD) 04:53 AM 04:55 AM 01st, Aug at 04:55 AM Departed Khalilabad 5 Minutes Before
Maghar (MHH) 05:06 AM 05:08 AM 01st, Aug at 05:08 AM Departed Maghar 5 Minutes Before
Sihapar (SIPR) 05:12 AM 05:14 AM Not yet reached Sihapar (SIPR) Estimated time of Arrival is 05:30 AM
Sahjanwa (SWA) 05:20 AM 05:22 AM 01st, Aug at 05:25 AM Departed Sahjanwa 7 Minutes Before
Jagatbela (JTB) 05:33 AM 05:35 AM 01st, Aug at 05:50 AM Departed Jagatbela 5 Minutes Late
Domingarh (DMG) 05:48 AM 05:50 AM 01st, Aug at 06:04 AM Departed Domingarh 5 Minutes Late
Gorakhpur Jn (GKP) 06:15 AM 06:35 AM 01st, Aug at 06:35 AM Departed Gorakhpur Jn No Delay
Gorakhpur Cant (GKC) 06:43 AM 06:45 AM 01st, Aug at 06:50 AM Departed Gorakhpur Cant 3 Minutes Late
Chauri Chaura (CC) 07:06 AM 07:08 AM 01st, Aug at 07:18 AM Departed Chauri Chaura 4 Minutes Late
Gauri Bazar (GB) 07:23 AM 07:25 AM 01st, Aug at 07:32 AM Departed Gauri Bazar 5 Minutes Late
Deoria Sadar (DEOS) 07:48 AM 07:50 AM 01st, Aug at 08:03 AM Departed Deoria Sadar 7 Minutes Late
Bhatni Jn (BTT) 08:14 AM 08:20 AM 01st, Aug at 08:32 AM Departed Bhatni Jn 12 Minutes Late
Salempur Jn (SRU) 08:42 AM 08:44 AM 01st, Aug at 08:52 AM Departed Salempur Jn 4 Minutes Late
Lar Road (LRD) 08:58 AM 09:00 AM 01st, Aug at 09:04 AM Departed Lar Road 2 Minutes Before
Belthara Road (BLTR) 09:18 AM 09:20 AM 01st, Aug at 09:21 AM Departed Belthara Road 1 Minutes Before
Kirihrapur (KER) 09:38 AM 09:40 AM 01st, Aug at 09:50 AM Departed Kirihrapur 4 Minutes Late
Indara Jn (IAA) 10:00 AM 10:02 AM 01st, Aug at 10:05 AM Departed Indara Jn 3 Minutes Late
Mau Jn (MAU) 10:15 AM 10:20 AM 01st, Aug at 10:20 AM Departed Mau Jn No Delay
Dullahapur (DLR) 10:36 AM 10:38 AM 01st, Aug at 10:40 AM Departed Dullahapur No Delay
Jakhanian (JKN) 10:48 AM 10:50 AM 01st, Aug at 11:05 AM Departed Jakhanian 13 Minutes Late
Sadat (SDT) 10:59 AM 11:01 AM Not yet reached Sadat (SDT) Estimated time of Arrival is 05:30 AM
Aunrihar Jn (ARJ) 11:30 AM 11:35 AM 01st, Aug at 11:47 AM Departed Aunrihar Jn 12 Minutes Late
Sarnath (SRNT) 11:56 AM 11:58 AM 01st, Aug at 12:30 PM Departed Sarnath 32 Minutes Late
Varanasi City (BCY) 12:25 PM 12:27 PM Not yet reached Varanasi City (BCY) Estimated time of Arrival is 05:30 AM
Varanasi Jn (BSB) 12:45 PM 12:55 PM 01st, Aug at 12:55 PM Departed Varanasi Jn No Delay
Manduadih (MUV) 01:05 PM N/A 01st, Aug at 01:05 PM Arrived Manduadih No Delay
Station Scheduled Arrival Time Scheduled Departure Time Actual Time of Arrival Train Status Delay Time
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