Ajmer - Sealdah Express (12988) Running Train Status

Showing Live running train status of Ajmer - Sealdah Express (12988) for 05th of June 2013. Currently Ajmer - Sealdah Express is Destination Reached and there is No Delay when it arrived at (SDAH) at 05:20 PM

Station Scheduled Arrival Time Scheduled Departure Time Actual Time of Arrival Train Status Delay Time
Ajmer Jn (AII) N/A 12:50 PM 05th, Jun at 12:50 PM Departed Ajmer Jn No Delay
Kishangarh (KSG) 01:16 PM 01:18 PM 05th, Jun at 01:22 PM Departed Kishangarh 2 Minutes Late
Jaipur (JP) 02:45 PM 03:00 PM 05th, Jun at 03:00 PM Departed Jaipur No Delay
Bharatpur Jn (BTE) 05:30 PM 05:32 PM 05th, Jun at 06:11 PM Departed Bharatpur Jn 33 Minutes Late
Achhnera Jn (AH) 06:25 PM 06:27 PM 05th, Jun at 06:40 PM Departed Achhnera Jn 6 Minutes Late
Agra Fort (AF) 07:20 PM 07:45 PM 05th, Jun at 08:02 PM Departed Agra Fort 12 Minutes Late
Tundla Jn (TDL) 08:45 PM 08:50 PM 05th, Jun at 08:55 PM Departed Tundla Jn 5 Minutes Late
Kanpur Central (CNB) 11:45 PM 11:53 PM 06th, Jun at 12:02 AM Departed Kanpur Central 9 Minutes Late
Allahabad Jn (ALD) 02:23 AM 02:43 AM 06th, Jun at 03:00 AM Departed Allahabad Jn 17 Minutes Late
Mughal Sarai Jn (MGS) 04:55 AM 05:05 AM 06th, Jun at 07:08 AM Departed Mughal Sarai Jn 118 Minutes Late
Bhabua Road (BBU) 05:43 AM 05:45 AM 06th, Jun at 07:58 AM Departed Bhabua Road 126 Minutes Late
Sasaram (SSM) 06:18 AM 06:20 AM 06th, Jun at 08:32 AM Departed Sasaram 129 Minutes Late
Gaya Jn (GAYA) 07:43 AM 07:48 AM Not yet reached Gaya Jn (GAYA) Estimated time of Arrival is 05:30 AM
Koderma (KQR) 08:58 AM 09:00 AM 06th, Jun at 11:10 AM Departed Koderma 136 Minutes Late
Parasnath (PNME) 09:50 AM 09:52 AM 06th, Jun at 12:05 PM Departed Parasnath 131 Minutes Late
Dhanbad Jn (DHN) 11:05 AM 11:15 AM 06th, Jun at 01:00 PM Departed Dhanbad Jn 105 Minutes Late
Asansol Jn (ASN) 12:11 PM 12:14 PM 06th, Jun at 02:05 PM Departed Asansol Jn 111 Minutes Late
(RNG) N/A N/A 06th, Jun at 02:24 PM Departed 111 Minutes Late
Durgapur (DGR) 12:51 PM 12:53 PM 06th, Jun at 02:42 PM Departed Durgapur 109 Minutes Late
Barddhaman Jn (BWN) 01:49 PM 01:52 PM 06th, Jun at 03:28 PM Departed Barddhaman Jn 96 Minutes Late
Kolkata Sealdah (SDAH) 03:55 PM N/A 06th, Jun at 05:20 PM Arrived Kolkata Sealdah 85 Minutes Late
Station Scheduled Arrival Time Scheduled Departure Time Actual Time of Arrival Train Status Delay Time
Last Updated: At 05:20 PM on 06th of June, 2013